The CaipiBoys is a brotherhood, united in their refusal to grow up. A bunch of overgrown boys with too much hair and not enough time for things like, office jobs and neck ties.

It started with a party. On the beaches of the Dutch coast a group of mates started throwing the parties they wanted to go to – with good people, great music, tasty drinks and unforgettable moments. They mixed the drinks they like to drink, and the crowds of thirsty party animals agreed that they were pretty damn drinkable.


let’s start shopping . ORDER A CAIPI SODA 12-PACK ONLINE


let’s start shopping . ORDER A CAIPI SODA 12-PACK ONLINE


What started as a way to turn partying into a job, and a way to fund winter escapes chasing summer and surf around the world has turned into a way of life.
These boys are the exception, not the rule. They are modern-day pirates; breaking rules, discovering the world, living life on their own terms and proving that there’s always an adventure
to be had, you just have to know where to look.

For them, gold comes in liquid form and it tastes like Caipi Ginger. They’re on a life long mission to find CaipiLand –
an as yet unknown location; it’s local, it’s exotic, it’s paradise. You never know how close you are, it might be around the next corner, beyond the next wave, in the flames of your next BBQ, in a sip
of your favourite drink, in a night with your mates, it might even be in your own backyard.

Never stop searching, it’s good for you.

Cheers to that!


Caipi Ginger Soda

– Grab a long glass

– Start with plenty of ice

– Pour in a good whack of Caipi Ginger (50ml)
– A nice solid squeeze of lemon (20ml)
– Spice it up with a piece of fresh ginger
– Finish it off with sparkling water (100ml)