The original Caipi Boys started as four surf addicted friends who just wanted to earn a little money to finance their craving for surf, travel and parties. This passion has never left the core structure of the company and has embedded itself in the Caipi Boys Lifestyle. Staying close to the surf and travel scene has ever since been inevitable. Therefor the Caipi Boys always knew they would try to give back to the scene and support riders that live the Caipi Lifestyle – both in-and outside of the water.

We are proud to present to you the Caipi Boys Surf Team:

severin clasen


Sevo is a local boy from Scheveningen (Holland). The birth place of the Caipi Boys. He’s been surfing all his life and for many years had made travelling his number one priority. He has returned to his roots in Scheveningen lately and tries to be in the water as much as possible. The stoke will never let him go and he will never miss a good old fashioned Caipi Boys Party. 

Sjoerd tummers


Sjaarie is the Caipi Boys grommet. Given his early 20ies age, he is technically not a grommet, but his youthful looks and insane stoke about surfing has yet to find its match. Sjaarie will be the eternal grommet and nothing on the planet will change this. The kid rips, loves surfing and travelling and of course will always go lose caipi style 😉.

oliver rinder


Olli is a mad dog! This man has seen and done it all. If you ever met him, you will never forget him. He was raised in the Canary Islands and as a young boy already made a name for himself in some of the Island’s heaviest waves. He started off as a bodyboarding prodigy and later translated his fearless approach into surfing. He’ll go for any wave, Always come back smiling and most definitely be the standout at any party, A true Caipi Boys Warrior!


Caipi Ginger Soda

– Grab a long glass

– Start with plenty of ice

– Pour in a good whack of Caipi Ginger (50ml)
– A nice solid squeeze of lemon (20ml)
– Spice it up with a piece of fresh ginger
– Finish it off with sparkling water (100ml)